Greetings from the sunny Algarve this Easter!

Cortes de Cima Wine

Spring has arrived in the Algarve, the sun is out in full force the beaches are getting busy and even more importantly there is laughter in the air. There is a sound of happy voices, a hunger for tomorrow and good expectations for the times to come. It almost feels like our complete sector from Real Estate to Rentals, restaurants and bars, shops and supermarkets the whole lot, took a sip from the fountain of youth and everything and everybody is walking with a bit of a spring in their step. Oh happy days are here again!

Over the last 12 months we have witnessed a steady increase in the level of interest in our properties both on the sales and rental side. In Quinta do Lago alone there are 25 new villas under construction and one year ago we could have shown you several interesting re-build / investment possibilities in Vale do Lobo, today we have almost nothing left. The French and the Swedish have blown new life into the properties hidden away in the hills of Goldra and Santa Barbara and we thank them for that.

So in short I have the feeling that the next few years will be good in the Algarve and Prime Properties is looking forward to these times, so remember stay happy and keep the faith and if you have a property for sale or rent than please contact us and find out what we can do for you.

Below you will find listings that in my opinion represent very good value for your hard earned money.

Kind regards,
Pedro van Riet

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