Tax breaks for pensioners and Golden Visas “here to stay”


Santos Silva’s comments have brought sighs of relief, particularly from within the real estate sector.

Left-wingers Bloco de Esquerda have been pushing for both regimes to be scrapped on the basis that they are creating ever-increasing property prices.

As to the changes resulting from the displeasure of Sweden and Finland (click here), Santos Silva hinted that whatever comes out of talks ongoing with both countries, it is likely to be a “reasonable solution” that defends the interests of the Portuguese and values the very close relationship (Portugal has) with Scandinavian countries”.

The bottom line, said the minister, is that “there will not be total elimination of the current benefits conceded to these non-residents”.

This was perhaps the high point of the interview for Finns and Swedes whose own country’s press has alluded to the end of NHR tax benefits altogether.

Concluding the “Conversa Capital” slot, Santos Silva reiterated Portugal’s support for establishing a permanent solution to the migrant crisis - stressing that the country has already doubled the numbers it is prepared to welcome.

By Natasha Donn